ACCLE is a group of individuals and clinics who have come together for these common purposes:

  • to provide a forum for legal educators across Canada to share best practices, pedagogies and other information related to clinical legal education;
  • to encourage the promotion and improvement of clinical legal education in Canadian law schools;
  • to promote clinical pedagogy and research;
  • to facilitate the dissemination of information pertaining to clinical legal education to clinicians in Canada, and;
  • to promote or organize conferences or other activities to facilitate the purposes of the association.



The Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education (ACCLE) is delighted to confirm that we will be hosting our 11th Annual Conference at the Holiday Inn – Toronto Yorkdale, happening June 3-5, 2020.

The focus of our 2020 conference is “Perseverance, Resilience, and Resistance in Canadian Clinical Legal Education”. We are interested in exploring questions such as:

  • What are the ongoing and future challenges to clinical legal education in Canada and worldwide?
  • In what ways do clinics and/or clinicians employ strategies of perseverance, resilience, and/or resistance?
  • How can fiscal challenges provide opportunities for students to embrace modes of perseverance and resilience in pursuing access to justice for vulnerable client populations?
  • Alternatively, how might narratives of resilience be damaging to clinics’ clients, students, and clinicians?
  • How can community partnerships and interdisciplinary approaches facilitate new opportunities for clinics, clinicians, and law students?
  • During times of fiscal challenge, how can resistance help you serve your mandate?

ACCLE invites proposals for papers or workshops that fit within the general theme of “perseverance, resilience, and resistance in Canadian clinical legal education”. We welcome participation and submissions from all legal educators, as well as professionals from other related fields. We are especially interested in proposals seeking to engage the audience in an interactive or dynamic way.

The deadline to submit is January 31, 2020.

See the official call for proposals here.

Dear ACCLE members,

We are pleased to announce that the ACCLE Repository will be launching December 2019. The repository will hold various resources for clinicians including training materials, academic papers, policy papers, and more. Members will also be able to contribute their own materials, as we hope to grow the repository into a wide-ranging, knowledge sharing platform for clinicians.

Registration is simple. You will head over to intranet.accle.ca, where you will be prompted for a login. We will be emailing out a universal login for all members to use in the next month through the listserv. The password for this login will change each year, and with your membership renewal, you will receive the updated passwords.

When the login is distributed, we will also include details about how to use the repository, such as searching for and submitting materials.

If you are interested in accessing the repository, please ensure that you are registered as an ACCLE Member for the 2019/2020 year and have paid your membership fee.




Canadian Association of Law Teachers Conference

Location: Western University, London, ON

Date: 1-3 June, 2020

We are pleased to release this Call for Proposals for the 2020 annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers, which is being held as part of the 2020 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and includes an overlap day with the conference of the Canadian Law and Society Association. The program for the overlap day will be co-ordinated to encourage integrated participation.

The Congress theme is “Bridging Divides: Confronting Colonialism & Anti-Black Racism”, which has been explained as follows:

Congress 2020 will encourage multidisciplinary engagement under the broad concept of bridging divides, while specifically emphasizing the dispossession of Indigenous peoples and the enslavement of Africans in the new world. Settler colonialism, as part of a broader imperial project, erases Indigenous peoples by appropriating land and delegitimizing traditional knowledge, and dehumanizes Black people, subjecting them to the tropes of everyday anti-Black racism. As we come together to confront white privilege and white supremacy, and examine experiences shared by Indigenous peoples and African Canadians, we also invite our community to reflect critically on social, ethnic, political and epistemological divisions more broadly, forming a future vision that bridges divides between divergent ways of knowing and navigating our world.

Please send all proposals, in Word format, as well as any suggestions or expressions of interest, to <calt.conference.acpd@gmail.com> no later than Monday 25 November.

See the official call for proposals here

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