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Join us in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia for our 8th Annual Conference.

University of Victoria,  Faculty of Law, Victoria, British Columbia
June 8-10, 2017


Fresh off the heels of our successful collaboration with the IJLCE this year, ACCLE has accepted an invitation from CALT (Canadian Association of Law Teachers) to co-host our 2017 conference.  Our host this year is the University of Victoria Faculty of Law.

The call for proposals for this conference is now available.  Submissions are due January 31, 2017 and should be submitted electronically to


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ACCLE is comprised of a group of individuals and clinics interested in supporting clinical legal education in Canada. The organisation shares best practices, pedagogies and other information related to clinical legal education. ACCLE encourages the promotion and improvement of clinical legal education in Canadian Law Schools, promotes clinical pedagogy and research, and facilitates the dissemination of information pertaining to clinical legal education to clinicians in Canada.

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ACCLE wishes to extend its sincere thanks to Signa Daum Shanks and Brian Eyolfson for their deeply informative and helpful remarks at our recent AGM.  Their discussion offers a helpful framework and some practical advice as we begin to consider the implications of the TRC’s Calls to Action for our clinical programs.  For our members who missed this important session, we hope to have the recording available on our website shortly.  In the interim, Professor Shanks has shared an important new article – Dr. Shauneen Pete’s 100 Ways: Indigenizing & Decolonizing Academic Programs – to assist us in our thinking on these issues.




Congratulations to ACCLE Board Member Martha Simmons on the publication of her new text Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Client Advocacy.  Described as a “must-read” for lawyers and law students, the book offers step-by-step guidance in navigating the mediation process, including case and client assessment, how to choose an effective mediator, mediation preparation, ethical considerations, how to overcome barriers to settlement, and when to end mediation.  Professor Martha Simmons is a visiting professor at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Director of the Mediation Intensive Program and Clinic.